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First Annual Western Icon Productions cast fishing trip.

A few of the cast and an honored guest headed up to Bridgeport CA. for some fishing.

A great time was had by all, Jeffery at Bridgeport Reservoir worked hard to get us out on the water. Even though the levels were low due to the drought. Thanks for all your hard work Jeffrey!

Here's the results:

Thursday-Lower Twin Lake

The fishing was slow but our guest Dan Flanders scored with a couple of nice big Rainbows.

After a shaky start with some reel problems, Jerry Rushing Scored with an even bigger Rainbow.

Giving him biggest fish of the day honors.

Afternoon trip to Virginia Lakes

It's a beautiful lake and mostly small fish but the scenery is always worth the trip.

On this trip it was our honored guest Dan Flanders who landed the biggest Rainbow that any of us had ever seen come out of Virginia Lake.

Friday-Bridgeport Reservoir 

Everyone caught their limits and Jerry Rushing scored with first fish. Nathan Willard took first limit. Then Jerry scored again with biggest fish.

Afternoon Trip-The Walker River

Mostly a sightseeing trip no fish but lots of pictures. Deer were seen and a 6 mile hike next to the river. Beautiful.

 Saturday-Bridgeport Reservoir

The fishing got harder and  Jerry Rushing scored the the hat trick with Biggest fish, Most fish and first closest to limit. He caught the only fish that day. That concluded our fishing but the trip wasn't over yet.

Afternoon Trip-Bodie Ghost Town

We couldn't do a whole trip without pulling out the cowboy gear.

Bodie Ghost Town was amazing, great pictures and nice people. This was the real thing, exactly as it was in the 1800's.

Awards Dinner-Virginia Creek Settlement

We awarded the Best Fisherman medal to Jerry Rushing congratulations!

Jerry will keep the medal until next year and award it to best fisherman at the 2nd Annual Western Icon Productions fishing trip in 2015. Thanks everyone for coming! See you next year.