Western Icon Productions

Celebrating the most memorable scenes and characters of western cinema!

In the tradition of Buffalo Bill's Wild West and his Congress of Rough Riders!

An action packed performance with all the smoke and thunder of the old west!

The most enduring, exciting scenes from America's favorite western films presented in a 30 minute action packed show.

It’s a 3D movie without the glasses!



The Big Show! 

Western Icon Productions presents our tribute to America's favorite western films in a 30 minute action packed show. We use real black powder blanks. The soundtrack for each scene is simulcast through our 3000 watt sound system. Yes we are loud and proud! We perform some of the most iconic and action packed scenes from the western movie genre.  The cast is available immediately following the show for pictures with our new friends, and to answer questions about the old west.

There is nothing like a live performance with all the smoke and thunder of the old west! 

 A safety demonstration precedes each performance. Our cast is trained in the use of authentic weapons. Firearm safety is of the utmost importance during our performances.We are very proud of our perfect safety record. Cast members must pass required firearm safety courses before they perform with us. All cast members carry the California Department of Justice Handgun Safety Certificate. We carry our own event insurance.                                                                                                         

Note: This performance is limited to outdoor venues only.


Indoor and non-shooting performances:


 Shows can be customized to fit your venue!

If a shootout would play havoc with your neighbors, we can also provide background and color for your occasion with a variety of historical and western movie characters including; Saloon girls, proper ladies, lawmen, gamblers, gunfighters, and cowboys. World Champion Gun handler Tombstone Tony Redburn is available separately as well. Other activities can include: 

 FaroA popular old west card game. The dealer will explain the basics  and have you beating Doc Holliday in no time.

Square DancingEasy and fun to learn basic calls. You get to dance with everyone! This traditional ice breaker has been known to start many relationships.

You are the starSit in and perform a scene with the cast. Lines are cleverly hidden to make you look like a pro! Great for video memories.

If there is something special you have in mind not covered, here please don't hesitate to contact us!