Western Icon Productions

Celebrating the most memorable scenes and characters of western cinema!

In the tradition of Buffalo Bill's Wild West and his Congress of Rough Riders!

An action packed performance with all the smoke and thunder of the old west!

The most enduring, exciting scenes from America's favorite western films presented in a 30 minute action packed show.

It’s a 3D movie without the glasses!



How did a group of friends who love western movies end up being a theater company? Surprisingly easy, it only took several yearly Labor Day pilgrimages to the town of Tombstone, AZ. At the annual Rendezvous of the Gunfighters our founder and director of operations Nathan “Doc” Willard was enjoying himself trading lines from Tombstone with friends in Big Nose Kate’s Saloon. After a while he noticed tourists were standing around his table waiting for the next round of impromptu scene work to resume. It dawned on him that there is a substantial fan base for the movie Tombstone. It also didn’t hurt that he could do a great impression of Val Kilmer. (Not to mention several other spot on impressions) Nathan recruited some theater savvy friends and assembled our first group Law Dogs 'N Ladies 2001-2012. The stage adaptation of the movie Tombstone ran until 2012. The show was performed all over southern California and Arizona at western events, rodeos, fairs, and corporate events.

2013 Western Icon Productions, formed to further develop the "big screen to live show" concept exponentially. The show is not limited to just one film. Our new show includes the most memorable and exciting scenes from several iconic westerns. There are also some surprises that we are all very excited about.  On behalf of the new show and our new cast. We can't wait to get back out there and we hope to see all of our old friends out on the trail. 

Nathan Willard - Director of Operations / Founder

Ernie Ventry - Director