Western Icon Productions

Celebrating the most memorable scenes and characters of western cinema!

In the tradition of Buffalo Bill's Wild West and his Congress of Rough Riders!

An action packed performance with all the smoke and thunder of the old west!

The most enduring, exciting scenes from America's favorite western films presented in a 30 minute action packed show.

It’s a 3D movie without the glasses!



Another Great Rehearsal

A beautiful day and some real progress on the new show. Some new cast members really stepped up and pitched in where we needed them. 4 new scenes and dare I say it, a new triumph in musical theater. I want to give you more details about it, but letting the cat out of the bag too soon would be bad form. The cast is working very hard to give the audience a top notch performance. Worthy of a generous sponsor in fact, but I digress more on the sponsor situation as it develops. Keep checking back for more updates and tell your friends we're coming to your town soon.

Happy Trails!

Remember "Trust everybody but keep your cattle branded".